Obstacle Breaking Session. Click here to learn more!

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Obstacle Breaking Session. Click here to learn more!

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Obstacle Breaking, momentum-making ONE-on-ONE sessions to help you work through one to two big issues getting in the way of your IDEAL life!

Hey! I’m Dr. Amber Lyda. I’ve built a successful and exclusively online private pay therapy practice. I’ve also built a successful business consulting/coaching, course building, and creating online products. Listen. Before 2016, I’ve only ever worked in agencies and never run a business of any kind. If I can hit six figures in my clinical practice in my second year full time and clear five figures in my very first course offering- YOU CAN TOO. Business building can and should be FUN. And so should life. If you want to work with me, beware. Your values and chosen lifestyle will be at the core of how we talk about building your businesses. You are allowed to serve others in your career without the self-sacrifice.

Come hang with me for a game changing 50-minutes. You’ll get access to a google drive I keep of homework my previous consulting clients have found helpful. Please fill out any that could help us LAUNCH into the heart of your needs in our session. I’ll review everything before we meet!!!

Typical Issues Addressed: Online Therapy

  • I can’t convert my current in person clients to online clients. Help me!

  • I’m seeing lots of clients, but not making enough money. What’s going on?

  • I can’t seem to fill my online client spots. What can I do differently or more of?

  • I can’t get clear on what my rate should be, how many clients I should take, and how to balance things (e.g. an in person/online practice)

Typical Issues Addressed: Building Additional Income Streams

  • I want to build a side business in addition to my therapy practice, but I can’t pick which idea to pursue.

  • I want to build a side business but can’t figure out how to turn my passion into profit!

  • I know what I want to sell, but I don’t know the best way to get it to people to make the most impact and most profit (e.g. book, online courses, online workshops, membership sites, etc.).